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What is Cystic fibrosis ?

Cystic Fibrosis TrustCystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic condition affecting more than 10,400 people in the UK. You are born with CF and cannot catch it later in life, but one in 25 of us carries the faulty gene that causes it, usually without knowing. Living with cystic fibrosis (CF) can be challenging, but it doesn't have to stop you from going to school, having a family or getting a job. Find out how the Cystic Fibrosis Trust can offer you the support you need to achieve all that and more.

How is cystic fibrosis diagnosed ?

St. Abbs Independent Lifeboat

Cystic fibrosis can be diagnosed during newborn screening, which is carried out as part of the heel-prick test that all babies in the UK receive, and positive results are followed up using a sweat test. If someone has a history of CF in their family, a partner with CF, or a child with the condition, they may choose to get carrier testing to see if they carry the faulty gene that can cause it, which only requires a simple mouthwash or blood test.

There are also ways to test for CF during pregnancy, which carry some risks and are only usually carried out in pregnancies with a high chance of cystic fibrosis. Find out more about how cystic fibrosis is diagnosed through newborn screening, carrier testing and antenatal testing, and how the condition is diagnosed in adults.

How is Cystic fibrosis treated ?

It is vital that people with CF receive appropriate treatments to enable them to live longer, healthier lives. That treatment can take many different forms! Find out how medicationphysiotherapynutrition and exercise all play their part. We also have information about transplants and specialist care.

How it affects the body

Cystic fibrosis causes the body to produce thick mucus, which can have a wide range of effects. Everyone with CF will have a slightly different variety and severity of symptoms. Take a look at our interactive body to find out more and explore how CF affects the lungs and digestive system, and about the other complications it can cause.

Everest Gallery

The majority of the worlds population can only ever dream about what it must feel like to stand on top of the worlds highest mountain, and at the same time not realise just how much preparation, organisation and physical and mental energy it takes to get there, and, in an environment with depleted levels of oxygen and sub zero temperatures. My trek to base camp is not about personal goals, it is about raising funds for a fantastic charity and at the same time it is also about respecting the men and women who have not only been there before but have achieved the ultimate goal in reaching the summit. It is also about paying my respects to the people who have made the ultimate sacrifice while trying to achieve their goal. Looking back over the years I can only admire how Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing managed to reach the summit when you compare the equipment and clothing they had then, to what is now readily available.

Enroute to Kathmandhu

Fly Dubai enroute to Kathmandhu

Mountains everywhere'.

Mountains everywhere.

Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport, dubbed the most dangerous in the World

Mountains over Namche Bazaar

Towering over Namche Bazaar

Views towards Tibet

Views towards Tibet

Everest and Lhotse

Mt. Everest (left) and Mt. Lhotse (right)

Himalayan Navigation

Easy to navigate

Fifth Bridge to Namche Bazaar


Khumbu Ice Fall

Khumbu Ice Fall

Annarpurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp


Himalayan Transport

Trekking | Climbing to Everest

Most of the climbers and trekkers in the world long to work their way to Everest Base Camp at least once in lifetime. The Everest Base Camp Trek has been exceptionally popular for climbers and trekkers since the very first successful expeditions to the Nepalese side of Everest in 1953 (May 29th) by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary. The area is famous for its stunning mountain peaks and the welcoming and friendliness of local people. The region is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. While many of the routes through the mountains are challenging, there are ample places to rest and let your body get used to the elevation.


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